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Michael Malone sounds alarm on Nuggets’ offensive woes: “We were soft”

The Nuggets are just three games into the season and coach Michael Malone has unloaded some ugly terms to describe their offense.

Soft. Lethargic. Passive.

On Monday night, the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers left Ball Arena with an easy 99-87 victory — Denver’s first loss of a young season — and one Malone descriptor resonated above the rest: Concerned.

“They came in here and beat our (butt),” Malone said. “Yeah, I’m concerned about the offense.”

Facebook froze as anti-vaccine comments swarmed users

WASHINGTON — In March, as claims about the dangers and ineffectiveness of coronavirus vaccines spun across social media and undermined attempts to stop the spread of the virus, some Facebook employees thought they had found a way to help.

By altering how posts about vaccines are ranked in people’s newsfeeds, researchers at the company realized they could curtail the misleading information individuals saw about COVID-19 vaccines and offer users posts from legitimate sources like the World Health Organization.

Brauchler: Scandalous abuse of custodial funds and the will of voters

State government officials have shown increasing contempt for Colorado’s taxpayers and voters. Now is the time to yank the leash on our money-rabid government that continues to bite the hand that feeds it. Voting yes for Proposition 120 and Amendment 78 will take back control and send a strong message to those who see our dollars as their own.


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