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Best Esports Betting Sites: Top Esports Bookmakers

Have you ever considered placing a first-blood wager on League of Legends or a last-second bet on the underdog to come back into the game and achieve a dramatic victory?

Well, we found the best esports betting sites that’ll allow you to do all of that and more — on any competitive game you can think of.

Not only are we going to rank the top-rated esports betting sites out there, but we’re also going to break down why they’re as good as we say they are. Just raw, honest analysis from our team of experts with first-hand experience at esports betting websites.

Checking in on the superstar shortstops the Yankees passed on during the offseason

It was not long ago that the baseball world cast an eye of confused suspicion on the Yankees.

That was before the 32-13 start that’s caused the haters to clam up. But an offseason without any superstar acquisitions felt peculiar, especially as the Yankees could have, theoretically, taken their pick of any of the available shortstops at the right price.

How do you know which Colorado hospital is best? It’s complicated.

If you want to know which hospital in your part of Colorado is best, there’s no easy answer — but not because of a lack of information.

Leapfrog, U.S. News & World Report and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services all publish ranking systems to help patients choose the best hospital.

Generally, the different ranking systems are in agreement about which hospitals are above average and which aren’t doing as well. Sometimes they disagree substantially, however, which can make it difficult for patients to know which facility is safest.


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