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A nationwide abortion ban would increase maternal deaths by 24%, according to new CU Boulder research

Banning abortion nationwide would increase maternal deaths in the United States by 24%, from 861 mothers dying to 1,071, according to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder.

CU Boulder researchers focused on how maternal mortality is impacted by abortion because data shows staying pregnant carries a higher risk of death than having an abortion, according to the university.

Pac-12 on the brink: USC and UCLA expected to seek membership in the Big Ten

In an historic move that would change the landscape of college sports on the West Coast, USC and UCLA are planning to depart the Pac-12 for the Big Ten as early as 2024, according to a source.

The move isn’t official and must be approved at the highest level of power at the two schools and in the Big Ten.

Opinion: Shattered trust in the Supreme Court will undermine every ruling

How important is impartiality in the U.S. court system, and how badly will America suffer now that the Supreme Court has shattered trust by stripping individual liberties from pregnant women based on religious and political — not biological — views of female reproduction with no deference to judicial restraint or decades of court precedent?

Let’s look at Justice Neil Gorsuch’s ruling on religious freedom, the First Amendment, and a taxpayer-paid football coach praying with players on the 50-yard line after each game.


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