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Opinion: The silence brigade doesn’t like Boebert questioning vaccines

As a Colorado native, husband, dad, grandad and business owner, the representation of our state matters to me.

My first job was delivering The Denver Post in the late 60’s, so I still have a warm spot for the paper in spite of what I view as its now decidedly less-than-neutral perspective.

U.S. women’s volleyball reaches quarterfinals at Tokyo Olympics

TOKYO — The U.S. women’s volleyball team won its third straight match at the Olympics and is assured of a spot in the quarterfinals.

Simone Biles told her replacement to “have fun,” and she did

TOKYO — Before American gymnast Jade Carey took the floor for her unexpected performance in the women’s Olympic all-around final on Thursday, she talked to her teammate, Simone Biles, whose exit from the competition meant Carey got the chance to fill her spot.

“She told me, ‘Good luck,’ and go out there, do the best I can and have fun,” Carey said.

Carey finished in eighth place, a result she said she was proud of given that just the day before she didn’t even know she would be competing. Biles and other teammates watched from the stands and cheered her on.


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