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Up the Frying Pan in winter

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Colorado cited this drug rehab center operator 50 times in 3 years and it’s still in business. Iowa shut it down in two months.

Iowa regulators blocked Nathan Hardage from treating drug addicts in 2014 amid allegations he assaulted a patient, allowed others to drink alcohol and let recovering drug abusers watch people smoke marijuana while in treatment.

Solar eclipse apps help people prepare for celestial extravaganza

The upcoming solar eclipse in August bids to be more than a rare celestial event — it could meld the increasingly pervasive world of smartphone apps with a total eclipse visible from sea to shining sea.

At least 15 free apps that focus on the eclipse are available for Android phones, iPhones, or both. They’ll help you find your way to spots where you can experience the eclipse from within the dark path of the moon’s shadow, learn photography techniques, read about solar eclipses, connect to live-streamed telescope views, and more.


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