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Murdered Boulder mom dreamed of working with kids

BOULDER — Boulder residents on Sunday mourned a 25-year-old bibliophile mother who wore rainbow colors and big glasses and put positive energy in their lives — a woman who was murdered and whose body was partially dismembered and scattered around the country.

Burlington struggles after closure of its largest employer, Kit Carson prison

It’s hard to find a person in Burlington without some connection to the vanilla-brick prison sitting empty at the edge of town, surrounded by barbed-wire fence and exercise yards of yellowed winter grass.

Most of the folks sipping ice tea at the VFW post and the ones visiting the bank along the town’s four-block Main Street either once worked at the prison, know someone who worked there or, at the least, are worried its closure will have long-term effects on Burlington’s roads and schools.

“Ski-in, ski-out dive bar” in Mary Jane lodge hits limit with popular mug club — for now

Hard-core skiers and boarders at Mary Jane know about it, but few tourists wander into Pepp’s.

It’s just as well. They might feel out of place in the Mary Jane base lodge’s dimly lit basement bar, officially called Pepperoni’s Pizzeria and Bar. Its creators at Winter Park Resort appeared to go out of their way to remove any ski-resort trappings — but for thousands of Pepp’s most devoted fans, both the dingy red-patterned carpet and the anti-resort vibe are among the draws.


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