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Denver man, 71, who joined Army as a teen finally gets his high school diploma

A young David Shuker dodged bullets and helped East Germans escape communism at the hottest spot of the Cold War. But all the while, Shuker still pined over what he was missing back home at Abraham Lincoln High School.

“When I left and went into the service, I was thinking ‘What have I done?” said Shuker, now 71. “I did not get to go to the senior prom. I didn’t get my letter jacket.”

“But the thing I missed the most of all was these kids I grew up with,” Shuker added. “I didn’t get to walk down the aisle with them to graduate.”

Is 2017 the best Red Rocks concert season of all time?

From the snowy bacchanal that is Winter on the Rocks to Southwest Airline’s just-announced free show there, the pieces of this year’s Red Rock’s—concert season have once again fallen—together like the world’s slowest puzzle, week by week over the last six months.

Butterflies at Chatfield Farms hopes to enchant visitors with the state’s native pollinators

Mary Ann Colley picked up one of a few hundred waxy envelopes and carefully opened it. A butterfly slowly emerged, opened its wings and took off toward the nearest flower.


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