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Regis University aims to bridge the gap between public and veterans through “Stories From Wartime”

A man wakes with a start. He jumps instinctively out of bed as the sound of rapid gunfire cuts through the air of his open window — He knows the sound of an assault rifle all too well. It’s only when he realizes there are no bullets flying in his direction, that his tiny apartment comes into focus. He notices the man in a hard hat using a jackhammer on the road outside.

PHOTOS: These Denver dogs got to go to the movies — here’s how yours can, too

It was their first real date. They had gone on a couple of walks, and even worked out at the gym together once, but this night would make their relationship official.

A movie. In the dark.

They cozied up in their seats in the dimly lit theater.

The film, “Isle of Dogs,” began.

It wasn’t until about halfway through that he made his move.

Effort to allow Colorado businesses, medical providers to turn people away based on sexual orientation and gender identity fails

A bill that would have let businesses offering marriage-related services, employers and certain medical providers turn away people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity without sanction from the state was rejected Tuesday by Democrats in the state House of Representatives.

House Bill 1206 died on a 7-4 party-line vote in the House Judiciary Committee, but not before sparking hours of intense testimony on both sides of the issue.


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