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Solar eclipse apps help people prepare for celestial extravaganza

The upcoming solar eclipse in August bids to be more than a rare celestial event — it could meld the increasingly pervasive world of smartphone apps with a total eclipse visible from sea to shining sea.

At least 15 free apps that focus on the eclipse are available for Android phones, iPhones, or both. They’ll help you find your way to spots where you can experience the eclipse from within the dark path of the moon’s shadow, learn photography techniques, read about solar eclipses, connect to live-streamed telescope views, and more.

Protesters rail against U.S. Senate health care proposal at state Capitol rally

More than 100 people rallied Sunday at the state Capitol to condemn a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act with a Republican alternative that they said will strip coverage from millions while delivering a tax cut to the rich.

“Republicans should abandon this bill that nobody wants,” Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, told the crowd at the rally, arranged by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

Meet the faces of Medicaid in Colorado, where one in five people receives government health benefits

One is a little girl whose eyes twinkle when it’s time for music class at school.

One is a mom whose Alzheimer’s disease grew so severe she forgot how to use a spoon.

One is a man whose greatest joy at his job is placing foam covers onto coat hangers.

In Colorado, one of every five people receives health benefits through Medicaid. And their lives may be about to change dramatically.


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