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Up the Frying Pan in winter

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How Pearl Harbor touched lives — and Colorado — in ways that will never be forgotten

Donald Stratton awoke early that morning, nudged from sleep beneath an overhang on the deck of the USS Arizona by the slow stir of Sunday activity. With no major maintenance scheduled, he assisted a clean sweep-down before grabbing some chow and, on his way topside, a couple of oranges for a buddy in sick bay.

Jewish Family Service of Colorado helps rescue families from the brink of homelessness in Denver

After finally finding affordable housing in the Denver metro area following a weeks-long search, Christina Vasquez, a single mother of two teen boys, suddenly found herself without a job and facing eviction from her Aurora home.

Staring down the prospect of homelessness, she called a social services hotline in June and was connected to Jewish Family Service of Colorado’s family safety net program. Suddenly, it was like a switch had flipped.


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