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Up the Frying Pan in winter

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Homeless camp comes back to life after Denver sweep

Earlier this year, Denver city workers and police moved into the area near Samaritan House and cleared the area where many of the homeless were living, temporarily sweeping what had become a large camp off the sidewalks.

On Wednesday, the sidewalk in front of the shelter at Lawrence Street and Park Avenue West was again crowded with homeless, their belongings packed into shopping carts or bundled beside them.

For some low-income workers, retirement is only a dream

By Maria Ines Zamudio, For The Associated Press

CHICAGO — It was a striking image. A photo of an 89-year-old man hunched over, struggling to push his cart with frozen treats. Fidencio Sanchez works long hours every day selling the treats because he couldn’t afford to retire. The photo and his story went viral and thousands of people donated more than $384,000 for his retirement.

His story is a window into a dark reality: Many low-wage workers say they can’t afford to retire.


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